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facebook in vietnamIf you live in Vietnam or have family or friends there, you may have noticed that they haven’t been using Facebook as much over the past year or so. That’s because the Vietnam government has blocked Facebook and made it much harder to access Facebook in Vietnam on Windows XP and other operating systems.

It’s been shown that Facebook is a social networking site to bring people together and help them find old friends, new friends and learn about what’s going on in the world. People in Vietnam are like those anywhere else, they use the Internet to exchange photos, messages, chat and surf the Web, but now they are finding it harder or even impossible, to access Facebook in Vietnam on Windows XP.

vietnam internet censorshipWhen Did the Block Happen?

The first time the government blocked Facebook was in late 2009. Then, service was sporadic, and was attributed to technical difficulties as to why people couldn’t access Facebook in Vietnam on Windows XP or other platforms. But then the government announced it was blocking Facebook due to security issues.

In the beginning, you could access Facebook in Vietnam on Windows XP or other platforms through proxies, changing DNS settings or using alternative lite versions of Facebook, but gradually all those ways were also blocked So, how do the peoples of Vietnam get their fill of Facebook now?

The answer is through a virtual private network or VPN.

Recommended VPN Services in Vietnam

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VPN to Access Facebook

Now, the only way you can access Facebook in Vietnam on Windows XP or other platforms is through a VPN. A VPN allows users to re-route their Internet services through servers outside of the country so they won’t be blocked. All you need to do is sign up with an appropriate VPN provider such as Astrill, StrongVPN or 12vpn to name a few.

Another thing that a VPN does for users is to help keep their data and personal information secure since it is being sent through their network, and not over the public airways of the Internet.

Here are the directions on setting up a VPN for Windows XP after you get your subscription:

windows xp vpn1. Go to Start, and then the Control Panel.
2. Choose Network Connections inside the Control Panel.
3. Then click on “create a new connection in the network task pad, then next in the Network Connection Wizard box.
4. Choose connect to the network and next. Then choose VPN connection and hit next.
5. Next, pick the type of Internet connection you have and next.
6. Put in the host name or other description in the Network Connections area and then hit next.
7. Put in the IP for the VPN server you signed up with and hit next.
8. You can then make a shortcut to the desktop if desired to make it easy to find your VPN connection icon.
9. When desired, double click on your VPN connection and you should be able to access Facebook in Vietnam on Windows XP.

Our Top Three Recommended VPN services for Win XP in Vietnam

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StrongVPN – The fastest, but also the most expensive

12VPN – Super easy to set up, and a great support team (great for newbies)

Hide My Ass – Huge number of VPN server locations and IP addresses *** best all around VPN


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